Thursday 21 October 2021

Message from President

In our rapidly developing and simultaneously shrinking world, people's needs, styles, lifestyles and trends are constantly changing. At the moment, engineers and architects in the construction and architectural fields are developing new projects and designs in their own imaginary worlds and instantly reflecting them with theoretical pouring. At this time, we are also following up the developing technologies to meet these requirements in our sector and increasing the standardization capacity. When we look at the developments in the area of daily marble production from 1972, we live the happiness of bringing our working floor to 40 thousand square meters from hundreds of square meters. We will continue with the first day's love and excitement of continuing our work with the understanding of contemporary service to the people in an honorable way to the local international market.

As Mesut Madencilik, we gave importance to the quality of our products. We found ourselves in the philosophy of reaching the best by always searching for the quality of human being created as human being. We also continue to develop our services and varieties in cooperation with the company and our specialists in our factories, both locally and internationally, in consultation with business professionals to achieve quality.

Mesut Madencilik mostly exports products to Far East and Middle East, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Arab emirates, Italy, Israel, Togo, Dubai, China, Africa, Korea and Taiwan. We are increasing the number of countries that are being exported to 32 countries day by day.

Our annual production capacity is 870,000 square meters. Generally 65% of the production for aboroad and 35% of the export are regarded as the domestic market.

By contributing to the employment of our country and fully utilizing our domestic resources in production, we live the pride and joy of adding value to our country.




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